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גפן מגזין המושבות > כללי > Living the Dream: Hebrew Ulpan in Zichron
15 לאוקטובר 2021
Living the Dream: Hebrew Ulpan in Zichron
צילה רשף, חברת מועצה, 2021-10-15 - 10:00

Three months ago I invited the Minister of Aliyah and Klita, Mrs. Pnina Temano Shata, for a visit and tour of Zichron Yaacov

כל הזכויות שמורות

Along with councilwoman Pnina Salomon, who advocates for Zichron olim, we set three main objectives:

♦ To establish a municipal Aliyah Committee. 
♦ To open a Zichron Ulpan 
♦ To pilot a local satellite office of Misrad Haklita to provide accessible service and information.
The fantastic staff of Misrad Haklita has worked tirelessly toward these goals over the past three months. 
During Sukkot, the Minister of Aliyah and Klita, Mrs. Pnina Temano Shata, visited Zichron once again, this time at the Kahn family’s sukkah.  Many thanks to the Kahn family for opening up their home to the Minister and other new Oleh families! 
The meeting was interesting and exciting; we learned that the Ulpan will indeed open right here in Zichron, and the Minister also shared that during her tenure, rights for olim to attend Ulpan were extended to up to ten years post aliyah, after realizing that many olim who came to Israel years ago still could not communicate in basic Hebrew. 
From the Minister’s Office: "Minister Pnina Temano Shata has invested a great deal of effort and resources in making the ministry’s services accessible to all since she took office. It was decided to pilot in Zichron Yaacov, and once every two weeks, new immigrants during the eligibility period will be able to receive the ministry’s services from an absorption consultant from the Hadera office." 
Minister of Immigration and Absorption Pnina Temano Shata - "Knowledge of the Hebrew language is the basis for new immigrants for optimal absorption. I will work to open and make accessible the possibilities for learning Hebrew wherever new immigrants are."
I have established the municipal Aliyah committee, another goal, and I will serve as chairman of the committee. I will be joined by immigrants and other professionals at the municipality. 
We ended the visit with a very special lunch in the backyard of Zichron resident Agra Bergman, where we enjoyed an authentic and delicious Ethiopian meal. 
Hoping to continue to make dreams come true for you, 
Tsila Reshef


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